Bad effect of using facebook

Thinkstock As Vindu Goel reported for The New York Times last summer, Facebook revealed that it manipulated the News Feeds of more than half a million unsuspecting Facebook users to alter the emotional content of the posts that they saw.

All of a sudden, completely strangers are important to you and their comments leverage your value as a person. So essentially the reason you feel these feelings is that you tend to socially compare yourself to your friends.

Whether you have realized it or not, Facebook is a real part of your life, is a real partner whom you have to see for good morning and kiss for good night. This has made it the most disturbing factor that has changed the way people have started to communicate with each other.

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This social networking website is blamed for causing troubles in relationships, causing health problems, privacy problem and much more. Development of a "virtual" empathy which actually affected friends' moods positively, and caused teens to be more empathetic in their everyday lives, as well.

Results have shown that at an average person spend around minutes in a day on Facebook. This can be quite dangerous, especially during the already-volatile teen years. Your profile page is full of information about you; who you are, where you work at, what is your favourite music, your favourite movies, books and TV series, what are your religious and political beliefs, your studies and your interests.

People tend to over share information that was once thought to be too personal for sharing with others. The more people use Facebook, the worst they feel afterwards and the studies also show that the more an individual uses the site the more his life satisfaction level declines.

Only later, when the weather is bad and you have to stay indoors, you start deleting apps, causes, groups and people. Additionally, two-thirds had difficulty sleeping due to anxiety and other negative emotions after they had used the sites.

The Anxiety of Facebook

The company has also struggled to stop the spread of offensive live videos on the platform, some featuring graphic abuse and violence. However, with Facebook your behavior has changed dramatically. There is a whole set of new language or dialect that has been brought into effect by the people using Facebook on a regular basis.

The bombardment of tons of games available on Facebook, besides the social networking feature, the Facebook has very much effected the physical as well as mental health of the people. Some people feel a constant impulse to check for updates, only feeling relief when they turn off the mobile device.

Facebook has repeatedly been accused of spreading Russian propaganda and fake newsproviding a platform and network for white supremacistsenabling hate speech and offensive ads and censoring critics of oppressive governments.

Tasting new things that evolve in the world is a sign of progress. They found that when it rained in one location, making people feel gloomier and subsequently posting negative comments, it caused an increase in bad moods of people who were friends with those people on Facebook but lived farther away, in places where it was not raining.

The authors, however, also pointed to a study finding that people who clicked on four times as many links as the average person on Facebook reported worse mental health. Talk to your kids about acceptable technology use and build a trusting relationship.

Therefore, next time you log into your Facebook account, pay more attention to how and what you are communicating. Larry Rosena psychology professor at California State University, makes it official what some parents already suspected -- our kids are getting sort of screwed up when they spend too much time on Facebook.

But have you ever thought about the negative effects Facebook can have on an individual?. Facebook is bad for you Get a life! Using the social network seems to make people more miserable Their study does not tease out why socialising on Facebook has a different effect from.

Aug 09,  · Many kids do manage social media fine and do not suffer the negative effects of Facebook if they over use it. Really excess of anything has negative impacts if you think about it, so as parents from the beginning we probably should help our children manage their time and set time limits - limits on video games, social media, television, cell phones, etc.

"Everything in moderation" is Reviews: The main reason I write about Facebook and its negative effects we can get from it is because I believe that, us as individuals all use Facebook a little too much!

Facebook is a great invention to use but if we use it in a proper way. There are endless examples of how Facebook has started to affect the people and their communication.

There is a whole set of new language or dialect that has been brought into effect by the people using Facebook on a regular basis. 6 thoughts on “ What are the good and bad effects of Facebook for students? Jill Belli on April 27, at am said: Mariama, I like that you’ve chosen to look.

Facebook has acknowledged that social media use can be bad for users’ mental health, a sign the company is feeling pressure from a growing .

Bad effect of using facebook
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