Effect of social media on the umbrella movement

The revolution which started as an event on the social networking site Facebook. International Journal of Communication, The Arab Spring and the Internet: And the ultimate outcomes may color how initial events are interpreted in the longer view of history.

A magistrate decided in favour of a CPO pursuant to a police application, deeming it "safer". Activists have been arrested and had their residences searched, [6] police have demonstrated elevated levels of violent suppression and brutality.

Journalism, OctoberVol. As students invaded the forecourt outside government headquarters — known as Civic Square — on September 26, through the early days of the demonstrations up to September 30, more than 1.

Umbrella Movement

In covering what some deemed the Facebook or Twitter revolutions, the media focused heavily on young protesters mobilizing in the streets in political opposition, smartphones in hand.

Accessing information was very difficult because of the scale of what was happening. The standoff is continuing even on the eve of China's national day which is also a public holiday in Hong Kong.

Chinese censors removed the post within an hour of it going online. Digital media helped to turn individualized, localized, and community-specific dissent into structured movements with a collective consciousness about both shared grievances and opportunities for action. The team behind the page has since grown to around 25 with 15 student reporters on the ground filing reports late into the night.

Hong Kong's independent judiciary functions under the common law framework. Earlier PEJ research finds the role of Twitter in disseminating breaking news is not limited to the Arab uprisings — the death of Whitney Houston, for example, was announced on Twitter 55 minutes prior to the AP confirming the story.

Photo shows the mass demonstration in Hong Kong as seen from above. One was released after being detained briefly and told she could not to travel to either Beijing or Hong Kong.

Students urge people who took part in the civil disobedience to go out on the streets again to occupy. Chief executive CY Leung then, per procedure, submitted a report to the Standing Committee inviting them to deliberate whether it is necessary to amend the method of selection of the Chief executive.

Thus, diversity of media is required — social media. First Monday, MarchVol. Later, people finish up the tabernacles, making the tent groups to have some form of small communities, such as Nathan Village, Harcourt village and so on.

The developers of FireChat said the app was downloaded more thantimes in Hong Kong in just 24 hours. This lack of impact does not mean that social media — or digital media generally — were unimportant.

And since then, the violent and sectarian unrest in Syria has brought increased attention to the role of citizen journalism.

Art of the Umbrella Movement Art works and installations have appeared at protest sites, attracting interest from the world's media.

After popular election of one of the nominated candidates, the Chief executive-elect "will have to be appointed by the Central People's Government. TVB can be considered as the prime example here, as they needed to consider the advertisement and the investment from Chinese companies, for avoiding the conflicts, TVB will be wisely selecting or even filter some contents and images.

By dawn, traffic on the road resumed and the protesters retreated into Tamar Parkwhile 45 arrests were made.

The role of social media in Occupy protests, on the ground and around the world

And in this city - one of the most wired in Asia - the predominantly young demonstrators of Hong Kong have also thought of ways to disseminate information with their mobiles should the authorities decide to cut internet reception to these devices.

In response, Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok said that "the officers involved will be temporarily removed from their current duties. Watch video · This was a key messing app used during the Umbrella protests when telecommunications networks' services came under pressure from overcrowding in certain areas.

Aside from rallying Hong Kong people into action, technology and social media was also a "good channel for [garnering] international support," said Wong. Searching for hashtags such as “Occupy Hong Kong”, “Occupy Central” and “Umbrella Movement” brings up more thanimages.

The volume of photos being shared on Instagram got the Facebook-owned platform banned in mainland China on September Hong Kong's umbrella revolution takes to social media to separate fact from fiction in the pro-democracy protests as China's internet censors go into overdrive.

Almost all students in universities of Hong Kong were in echo of Hong Kong class boycott campaign, and fully supported the "Umbrella Movement". Many secondary schools established political reform concern groups, for supporting student protests and "Umbrella Movement".

movement and social media was placed under surveillance. When you typed ‘Umbrella Movement’ in Baidu, China’s most popular search engine, you would be reminded that. The uneven spread of viewpoints on traditional media has turned young people to social media for news, which The Guardian has described as making the protests "the best-documented social movement in history, with even its quieter moments generating a maelstrom of status updates, shares and likes."Injuries: + (as of 29 Nov).

Effect of social media on the umbrella movement
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