The effect of unemployment in nigeria youth and his causes effects and solutions

The study also found, however, that unemployed persons seeking work are neither more nor less likely to rob or burgle than are the fully employed. The governor opened 30 different accounts in Zenith bank of Nigeria using different names whose aim is to siphon funds.

The high wave of crime, robbery among youths has been traced to unemployment. Volkova et al stated that unemployment and price increase of food and the unceasing onslaught of the unemployed and their dependents have led to increase malnutrition and its associated diseases in the third world.

Recession With the increase rates of unemployment other economy factors are significantly affected, such as: Where do we start among politicians.

Economic Effect Of Unemployment In The Nigeria Economy

Help Spread this message. To suggest appropriate strategies for the reduction of unemployment in the society.

Corruption in Nigeria: Review, Causes, Effects and Solutions

Election rigging is not an unheard-of phenomenon. This type of unemployment occurs when there is a mismatch of skilled workers in the labour market.

Kidnapping: Overview, Causes, Effects, and Solutions

F Reduction in Investment: Rather, he observed that the social scourge unemployment caused by the inversely proportional pattern of education and economic advancement. Ika North East lies to the territory, which stands on latitude North of the Equator and longitude East.

Father Ejike Mbaka, some Nigerians impersonated him through websites and social media sites, specifically Facebook. A Canadian study Applebaum cited found that the sons of unemployed workers made about 9 percent less than the sons of employed workers with similar skills. This is because human beings view things from different perspectives.

This is a compensatory strategy, but it can make a bad economic situation worse. Also, the evil effects of mass unemployment have cracked some families in the country. To examine the major factors that causes unemployment in the society. In Agriculture, output often fall only a little, but prices and farmers income fall but not to same extent as in Agriculture and the depression.

He also sated that when unemployment, the job seekers are to become increasingly frustrated in their effort to secure employment. When the relationship is viewed over time, where as unemployment will diminish families economic income if it last for long period. The upswing of the cycle might be set in motion by increased demand due to an expanding population of new lines of investments.

This is incredible as those who were appointed to fight corruption in the country are also found as the victim of the same problem they fight.

Youth Unemployment In Africa: Causes, Effects And Solutions

Karode —19 Admitted that Nigeria has an abidance of unemployment, he argued that it would be wrong to say that Nigeria problem of unemployment is a result of surplus of human resources.

The time period of shifting between two jobs is known as frictional unemployment. Chad, Cameroon, and the United States recently joined in the fight. Here are some aspects of the impact of unemployment on our society: Part of the speech deliver by the ex-president which hammered on the level of corruption among the members of the house has it thus: The greater the number of the unemployed or the longer they are without work the more money the government has to shell out.

According to sharp, Register, and liftwhch — unemployment may affect not only current production of goods and services but also futures production.

The disappearance of children in the United States is not unheard of, either, and it is one of the things that the security apparatus in that country is working to overcome. Abstract. The purpose of this paper is to look into the causes, effects and solutions to youth unemployment problems in Nigeria.

The rate at which unemployed graduates roam the street after the National Youth Service constitutes social malice to the country as a whole. Nov 25,  · Discussed are the many faces of corruption, causes, effects, and the possible solutions. Because of the outstanding nature of this article, its upgraded version appears in a book "WE THE PEOPLE - Building a New Democracy in Nigeria as a Model for Africa".Reviews: The effect of unemployment on our society Unemployment affects not just the person himself but also his/her family and in the long run the society where he lives.

Unemployment brings with it despair, unhappiness and anguish. Nigeria increased from % in to % in with youth unemployment at over 50%.

From to there is an increase of 16% unemployment growth rate in Nigeria. THE EFFECTS OF YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT ON NIGERIA Various crimes and social vices in Nigeria had been on the increase since mid – s2 and they include prostitution, internet scam, political violence, kidnapp ing, militancy (in the Niger Delta), drug trafficking, armed robbery etc.

But unfortunately, the unemployment rate in Nigeria is alarming, and below are 5 of the causes of unemployment in the country. 1.

Corruption in Nigeria: Review, Causes, Effects and Solutions

Epileptic Electric Power Supply. Lack of regular electric power supply is the biggest cause of unemployment in Nigeria.

Youth Unemployment Causes and Solutions

Talking of how lack of electricity has caused unemployment in Nigeria, the matter is multi-faceted.

The effect of unemployment in nigeria youth and his causes effects and solutions
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5 Major Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria